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I am a Green Beret special forces warrior and have served in our military for 23 years – I know that good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns. Elect me on May 14th and I will work to pass laws that will:

1. Support your Second Amendment right to bear arms.

2. Stop the radical left and gun control lobbyists from infringing on your right to bear arms.

3. Work to Oppose Unconstitutional Decrees and ‘Rules’ from the Federal Government

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

I believe in defending the most vulnerable among us. Elect me on May 14th and I will work to pass laws that will:

  1. Defend the sanctity of life from the moment children are conceived.
  2. Support our elderly citizens and those who are unable to care for themselves.
  3. Reform laws to help parents and families stay together through tough times.
  4. Support law enforcement to deal with the horrible effects of the open border drug traffic that is invading our district including human trafficking.

Unlike my opponent, I will support the West Virginia Way of Life

  1. I will stop the mutilation of minors through chemical sterilization
  2. I will stop all “Drag Queen Story Hour” indoctrination in public spaces
  3. I will stop using your tax dollars to fund WOKE leaders like Bill Gates

      Unlike my opponent, I pledge to make Educational Freedom a reality

      1. I will work to pass Full Universal School Choice where the Money Follows the Child
      2. I will end Common Core in our Public Schools and prevent indoctrination through CRT and other Leftist Ideologies
      3. Fight for parents right to make decisions for their children as a God-Given Sacred Right. The government’s interest is secondary to Parents Rights!

      Unlike my opponent, I will never support government shutdowns, forced masking and Mandatory injections… PERIOD!

      I want you to keep your money and I will work to stop government from taking so much of it! Elect me on May 14th and I will work to pass laws that will:

      1. Eliminate WV Income Tax
      2. Eliminate Business Inventory Tax
      3. Because all spending is increasing taxes, I pledge to never vote for any budget that increases the size and scope of government

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